PDI is probably one of the most powerful tools within modern computing I've seen in my career.

Sasha Korniak Strategic IT Decision Maker & Head of ISO 9001, Bywaters

Use Case Overview

Business Challenges

  • Bywaters needed real-time analysis of customer data to help its clients improve targeted advertising.
  • Existing analytics infrastructure could not handle the growing data load and would take over 24 hours to run, leading to perpetual problem hitting SLAs.
  • Bywaters’ ETL is currently at five billion consumer transactions, which grows by millions every day. Bywaters needed a significantly more scalable analytics solution that could match its growth.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho partner Linalis delivered installation and configuration services.
  • Pentaho Business Analytics builds three types of reports and dashboards from the data warehouse. Each is customized to the specific technical skills and reporting needs of the user.
  • Pentaho Data Integration is used to extract, integrate and analyze data from nearly 5TB of historical data, which grows every day.

Value Added

  • Pentaho is helping the company move to a data-driven culture where customers can request pre-defined reports on environmental performance including weights, rates, carbon dioxide usage and compliance.
  • Reduction in IT cost and technical barriers with no need for Java programming.
  • Reduced ETL process time from 27 hours to 8 hours.

Why Pentaho

  • Reports and dashboards that meet a wide spectrum of end user needs and skills without overlooking critical IT requirements for data governance and integration
  • 100% usable functionality that won't become 'shelfware’
  • Modern, flexible platform built on open standards that will support future technology and data integration
  • Pentaho Data Integration supports Bywaters' needs for data validation, cleansing and integration
  • Improved, modern enterprise data warehouse , providing proof of concept for integrating big data sources