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Global Clothing e-Commerce Platform for Creating, Buying and Selling Personalized Apparel



Pentaho enables us to keep an eye on our entire business. The self-service aspect allows our employees to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, identify trends and create capacity and product forecasts. Our developers are freed up to focus on core development.

Matthias Spiess CTO, Spreadshirt

Use Case Overview

Business Challenges

  • Spreadshirt needed a fully featured analytics system that would fit into Spreadshirt’s open source IT landscape.
  • The fast-moving Internet business needed a tool that could support real-time, ad-hoc analysis for business users and ease the burden on IT.
  • The data generated from different systems in the warehouse required an ETL tool that could integrate many different data types and high volumes.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho software runs on a Glassfish Application Server with MySQL database and Ubuntu Operating System.
  • Pentaho Business Analytics as self-service BI delivering ad-hoc analysis and reporting in real time.
  • Pentaho Data Integration as ETL tool.

Value Added

  • High volume and performance: The data generated from the platform includes 6.5 million global orders. Query performance has improved significantly with Pentaho even as data volumes have grown at a rapid clip.
  • Partner management: Salespeople uses Pentaho to help retail partners optimize store layouts, improve promotions and increase sales.
  • Product optimization: Product managers use Pentaho to improve existing products and plan the introduction of new products.
  • Marketing analysis: Marketing uses Pentaho to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns and promotions.
  • Reporting and operational BI: The financial team uses Pentaho to reveal trends and develop forecasts for production control and capacity planning.

Why Pentaho

  • Open source: low total cost of ownership, highly scalable and easy to integrate
  • Complete analytics solution
  • Self-service BI and ad-hoc analysis in real-time