Customer Use Case

"No platform can offer 100 percent satisfaction, but one of the most beautiful features of the Pentaho platform is how easy it is to extend. We are really happy with this feature and know that we are not restricted in any way with Pentaho."

Suresh Narayanappa, Principal Architect, Stream


Global Leader in Business Process Outsourcing

Business Challenges

  • Stream, a large global U.S. business process outsourcer (BPO),needed to consolidate huge, complex volumes of call data coming from 28 switches around the world, 12 source systems including Oracle HRMS and SAP and an average of 20 million records per hour.
  • Data is shared across multiple departments of the business yet the executive team was unable to easily access consolidated data across all business units or departments.
  • The company needed seamless migration to a new platform without interrupting client service, which included a weekly release schedule.
  • Existing BI solution for call center data built with SAP Business Objects and Informatica; these systems weren't cost-effective and couldn't scale to keep up with Stream’s growth serving Fortune 1000 clients.
  • Stream employees had been using the same BI system for 10 years; IT needed to convince them that a solution based on open source would deliver the same, if not more, business value.
  • Current business analytics solutions had restrictive licensing and limited technology functionality, which was hampering future growth and the ability to serve upwards of 200 users across 22 countries

Pentaho Solution

  • Highly-scalable enterprise data warehouse built on MSSQL server using Pentaho Data Integration.
  • .Net front end with Pentaho as Analysis Server.
  • Pentaho partner GrayMatter Software Services Pvt. Ltd handled migration from commercial system to open, standards-based Pentaho platform.
  • Replaced Business Objects and Informatica with Pentaho Business Analytics which provides data integration, analytics, reporting and dashboards for all of Stream’s stakeholders.

Value Added

  • Faster, better decision making – Approximately 10 dashboards serve the entire management team, gives executives quick, easy and automated access to data to make better business decisions and correct problems.
  • Unlimited scalability and cost-effective ramp up – Subscription-based pricing sets no limits on number of users who can access the system. There are 120-200 concurrent users today, with plans to add 50-100 more users soon. Long-term goal calls for thousands of agents to begin using the Pentaho system in 2013.
  • No interruption in client service – GrayMatter’s deep understanding of open source BI and Pentaho delivered flawless migration to the new platform. GrayMatter provides ongoing on-site customization of the modular Java-based architecture.
  • Widespread use at all levels – Full-fledged ad-hoc platform for reporting and analytics allows business users to build their own reports without having deep technical knowledge. The system is used across all departments, including operations, sales, and management and executive teams.
  • Automated, fast access to data – With the previous proprietary systems, it took two weeks to consolidate data for quarterly management meetings. Now, it requires only one day to prepare data for the executive team’s monthly, quarterly and annual meetings.
  • Easy monitoring of key business metrics – Provides detailed reporting and analytics on key Stream business metrics, including attendance, utilization, retention, revenue and more.

Why Pentaho

  • Subscription pricing model supports unlimited number of users who take advantage of business analytics, data integration and reporting capabilities.
  • Flexible, self-service functionality appeals to users at all levels. Significant savings from replacing two proprietary commercial software packages; Pentaho also delivers simplified management and customization.
  • GrayMatter’s team was able to easily modify the Pentaho platform with community contributions such as C Tools and J2EE to meet all of Stream’s analytics, reporting and data integration needs.
  • All reporting, dashboarding, analytics, data discovery, data integration and data mining capabilities are available in a single, easily customizable platform.