Customer Use Case

" Pentaho’s integrated solution and open model made it technically and economically viable."

Howard Bethell, Change Director, The Lewis Group

The Lewis Group

Leading UK Debt Collection Agency

Business Challenges

  • The Lewis Group had legacy reporting systems that were unstable and insufficient for the company’s demands. Data was extracted, then imported into SAS and Excel to produce standard reports, and finally published via web interfaces.
  • The company wanted to produce fewer and more frequent reports that flagged exceptions so that problems could be diagnosed before escalating.
  • It also needed detailed statistical reporting on a daily basis to track company, team and individual performance against established KPIs. The incumbent system could only run reports on a monthly basis.
  • With a rapidly expanding customer base, The Lewis Group had to choose between adding more IT people to support its current reporting system or modernizing its systems to create extra capacity.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Gold Partner Millersoft supported the BI team to develop reports, establish KPIs and design the ETL logic for the dashboards.
  • Pentaho Business Analytics generates three types of enterprise reporting and dashboards for managing internal operations and client performance.
  • Pentaho Data Integration manages ETL and data integration to streamline reporting process.

Value Added

  • Individual performance scorecards – Dashboards measure individual performance for employees like debt collectors, who have specific targets for collection and quality each month and receive bonuses against those targets.
  • Better reports, same resources – By automating the ETL and streamlining the reporting process, Pentaho freed the BI staff to focus on analysis and decision-making. Departmental reports – These reports are based on aggregated client data and run at a departmental level to measure business performance as a whole.
  • Delivered key client reports - RAG (red / amber / green) reports that present information on how The Lewis Group is performing for its key clients against budget expectations present KPIs that show, for example, how effectively the company collects debts on a specific client’s behalf. Each KPI is presented in a dashboard, with a red, amber or green light, providing an early warning system for issues needing immediate attention. RAG reports target 15 senior managers, who send them to other managers as needed.

Why Pentaho

  • Availability of wide range of plug-ins
  • Low cost relative to enterprise BI solutions with similar functionality
  • Exceptional data integration and visualization tools
  • Commercial open source model
  • High security

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