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IT Consortium of the Italian Chambers of Commerce

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Our reporting and analysis requirements are very complex on the data side but thanks to the user-friendly interface of Pentaho, the Chambers of Commerce can be self-sufficient with analysis and reporting. This enables each chamber to support their local business communities during times of both crisis and opportunity.

Valter Pelosin Project Manger, InfoCamere

Use Case Overview

Business Challenges

  • InfoCamere built its original BI applications with proprietary software but wanted to evaluate a more modern, open source alternative.
  • The organization wanted a clear vision of the state of economy within the regions, enabling better local support during times of crisis and opportunity.
  • They needed access to consistent data across 103 Chambers of Commerce to help forecast economic trends at the local and regional level.

Pentaho Solution

  • InfoCamere migrated its proprietary business intelligence platform to Pentaho Business Analytics Enterprise Edition.
  • Pentaho runs on open source systems Red Hat Linux, JBoss Clustering and MySQL Database.
  • InfoCamere worked with local Pentaho Platinum Partner, BNOVA.

Value Added

  • Confidence in Pentaho’s ability to manage massive data sets – Being able to easily access and analyze over 500GB of data from the past 10 years enables the Chambers to prepare adequately for both growth and downturn scenarios.
  • Supporting local business communities efficiently and appropriately – Each Chamber of Commerce can run reports on operational data whenever needed.
  • Creation of self-service environment – There are more than 500 users within the Chambers of Commerce who use Pentaho for reporting and analysis. The business users value above all the ease-of-use and speed whereas the IT department values the support, technology, scalability, integration and OLAP.

Why Pentaho

  • Integration capabilities
  • Ease of use (interface)
  • Speed
  • Ad hoc reporting and OLAP capabilities