Customer Use Case

"An audit could cost our customers millions, but with analytics we reduce risk and deliver ROI."

Pieter Van Der Poel, Founder and Managing Partner, 66Controls


Hedging Millions of Dollars of IT Risk

Business Challenges

  • Extend additional value and services to enterprise customers in need of IT service management
  • Continue to add value on top of applications which already have built-in reporting to further promote self-service for non-technical users
  • Help end customers mitigate millions of dollars of compliance risk with clear, empirical evidence

Pentaho Solution

  • Directly embed Pentaho Business Analytics into 66Control’s enterprise SaaS suite, KPI Performance Management, to extend analytics to end customers
  • Leverage Pentaho Data Integration to extract desperate data from enterprise data warehouses, such as SAP and Oracle, as well as to transform and blend data across CRM and other operational systems

Value Added

  • Small, agile IT team was able to quickly implement and maintain Pentaho, while extending more robust features that end-users demanded
  • Empowered non-technical business users to monitor and analyze operations, to assure compliance and improve operational efficiency
  • Removed time consuming manual data processing and extraction process, saving customers time and extending value

Why Pentaho

  • Govern diverse sets of data to assure compliance, provide transparency and reduce risk
  • Extensibility and overall ease of use ensuring products and features reach market faster
  • Flexible OEM licensing program that allows customers to aggressively expand and target new markets