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It was important to our customers that reports looked professional and polished.
Justin Bowser Managing Director, HTK

Use Case Overview

Business Challenges

  • HTK traditionally has a strong foothold in large enterprise and the public sector, but in a UK market where 99 percent of businesses are small and medium-sized, HTK wanted to sell its CRM application and infrastructure to smaller organizations.
  • They knew that marketing professionals who buy SaaS applications have very high expectations for usability: they need to be self-sufficient, return fast queries and easily create ad-hoc reports.

Pentaho Solution

  • After weighing options to build an application internally or use a third-party system, HTK selected Pentaho Business Analytics for its modern, embeddable software platform.
  • The company worked with Pentaho’s European Professional Services group and Portugal-based system integrator Xpand IT to fully integrate Pentaho Business Analytics into HTK’s Horizon CRM application.
  • Development was planned and executed using a 100 percent agile approach.

Value Added

  • Ability for HTK to migrate customer data in near real-time into its data warehouse.
  • Attractive 3D charts that render on an iPad which offers critical on-the-go analytical power for marketing professionals.
  • The new online applications are the foundation of a new line of business to serve the UK’s high-potential SMB market.
  • Pentaho enabled HTK to deliver integrated reports for two versions of its SaaS software in five weeks.
  • Flexible dashboards allow marketing professionals to slice, dice and present their multi-channel data according to specific campaign requirements.

Why Pentaho

  • Practical, embeddable and comprehensive software platform
  • Ability to quickly analyze large volumes of historical data
  • Cost and development advantages thanks to the Commercial Open Source Software (COSS) licensing model
  • Flexible, customizable reporting with highly professional, attractive designs out-of-the-box
  • Extract / Transfer / Load (ETL) capabilities to migrate customer data into the HTK data warehouse