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Non-profit university consortium and Italy’s largest high-performance computing center

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By embedding Pentaho Business Analytics, Cineca can provide its customers with less complexity and more benefits. We can now deliver sophisticated views of operational data to support sounder planning decisions. Embedding Pentaho has been such a success we are looking to expand our operations internationally.

Nicola Bertazzoni Higher Education External Relations, Cineca

Use Case Overview

Business Challenges

  • Cineca wanted a sustainable and easier to manage system. It was maintaining 80 BI applications from several different proprietary platforms. The organization needed 30 universities to agree on a new BI system.
  • The internal BI research lab started a software selection to determine the best open source platform and evaluated Jaspersoft, Pentaho and Talend.
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Pentaho Solution

  • Cineca’s U-GOV Planning and Controlling system embedded the data access and integration, discovery, analysis and visualization capabilities of Pentaho Business Analytics Enterprise Edition.
  • Cineca runs Pentaho in the following environment: Linux for OS; Apache for Web server; J2EE Container (Tomcat/JBOSS); Oracle RDBMS for database (32-bit and 64-bit with cluster supported).
  • Pentaho OEM Partnership is providing better integration of business intelligence and analytics into U-GOV, enhancing the critical and complex information delivery process for the universities.

Value Added

  • Happy end users – The combined Pentaho and U-GOV planning and controlling solutions work exactly as promised to end users and the feedback has been so positive that Cineca plans to offer it outside of Italy.
  • Better user experience - Pentaho’s open source architecture enabled Cineca to develop a more friendly integration for U-GOV’s user authentication and authorization features.
  • High-level reporting – Cineca plans to use Pentaho Business Analytics not only for operational reporting, but also for “high level” analysis for administration managers and university leadership.
  • Seamless integration – Because Pentaho and U-GOV’s modules are both developed in Java, the integration is seamless.

Why Pentaho

  • Centralized product management of all BI solutions
  • Service support
  • Coverage of the whole BI life-cycle
  • User functionality
  • Cost of solution
  • OLAP capabilities
  • Integration capabilities
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Meta-data management