Customer Use Case

"We quickly gained important insights to our business using Pentaho."

Urs Dünner, Project Manager, SwissLos


Philanthropic lottery operator – a cooperative run by twenty Swiss cantons (districts) and the principality of Lichtenstein

Business Challenges

  • Needed a reporting and analysis solution that was easy to use without having to involve IT
  • Wanted an analysis tool that could enable the marketing and the gambling addiction prevention teams to better understand user behavior. It is in the interest of Swisslos and the Swiss cantons to limit the risks of gambling addiction as they bear most of the health and social consequences of gambling addiction. Insights into user behavior in this context was extremely important
  • Needed to make it easy to integrate new products into the existing reporting system without needing continual adjustments
  • Each of Swisslos’ different gambling systems uses its own data source, creating significant IT complexity. The new system needed to support the different technologies of each source systems and easily integrate their data.
  • The new system needed to be implemented quickly

Pentaho Solution

  • Consulting services from Pentaho Partner basis06 to help with Swisslos' deployment of Pentaho business analytics on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 5 with Sun Java 6 as JVM environment and Oracle 11.2. as database
  •  Pentaho Data Integration to quickly extract, translorm and load data form their new environment
  • Pentaho Business Analytics' Mondrian OLAP Engine to support analysis and Pentaho Reporting

Value Added

  • Flexible, easy to integrate and future-proof: Pentaho Data Integration is flexible enough to support all the different source technologies and integrate the data easily. Swisslos finds it easy to integrate new systems and data sources as needed. All of Swisslos’ projects have now been integrated with new products showing automatically in the reports.
  • Fast implementation: Open standards and Pentaho’s integration capabilities  enabled basis06 to successfully complete a highly complex pilot in less than five month.
  • High data volumes: Pentaho extracts and integrates more than 100,000 data sets ever night, making them available in time for reporting and analysis. The overall data volume processed with Pentaho is approaching 500 GB.
  • User-friendly, self-service BI: Thanks to its user-friendly interface, 45 Swisslos employees now have a tool that enables them to run reports themselves and analyse data without involving IT. These have proven so successful that no employees have requested any new reporting capabilities since 2009.
  • Optimized services and addiction support: Pentaho supports the ability to analyze the user data, including information on time and number of transactions, product type, age, gender and region. To guarantee the user anonymity, personal data is not collected. To help prevent addiction, users are able to pre-set  limits to gambling activity in addition to limits set by Swisslos. The ability to analyze user behavior further enables product marketing to optimize its services and improve loyalty, cross-selling and campaign management.

Why Pentaho

  • Integration and scalability
  • Self -service reporting and analysis
  • Quick implementation and partner know-how