Customer Use Case

"Queries that took all night now take 20 minutes to break down a metric and analyze."

Greg Allen, Business Analyst, Kiva


Non-profit personal micro-lending platform

Business Challenges

  • Kiva's CFO wanted to improve the ability to manipulate, share and make data public, and to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the data.
  • With plans to exceed 100 gigabytes of transactional data and event logs in 2011, and a growing set of business users, it became apparent that spreadsheets for ad hoc analytics were highly inefficient and cumbersome.
  • Kiva's CTO wanted to make sure the IT team made the right technology investment, beyond just pure finances. He required technology that would be easy to maintain and scale with Kiva through the years and that would support Kiva's ambitious growth plans.
  • The company also needed a flexible, scalable and cost-effective data warehouse and reporting system that could unify a variety of data sources and satisfy an equally varied number of customers.

Pentaho Solution

  • Selected Pentaho BI Enterprise Edition to take advantage of professional support and product updates. They use the reporting, analysis and data integration capabilities of Pentaho BI.
  • Technology project leads attended the Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp training class.
  • Kiva is using Pentaho Data Integration to integrate third-party data sources such as, Google Analytics and other web service providers. Leverages the Mondrian OLAP server to create a self-service tool for business users, who can extract data from different sources and create reports without IT assistance.

Value Added

  • Innovation -- Kiva's IT team is adopting an Agile BI and real-time data flow approach based on the Pentaho BI technology. This approach has enabled Kiva to add complementary data quickly while continuing to develop core data structures. Kiva is now able to deliver statistics, such as daily loan volume, from the data warehouse back to the production web site.
  • Self-service automation -- In the past, each department had different numbers with disparate data sources, but now the company can validate and publicize numbers company-wide.
  • Quick payback -- Kiva believes its return on investment with Pentaho has been almost immediate.
  • Empowered business users -- With business users now able to create their own reports, Kiva's engineering team can focus on the heavy lifting its web site requires rather than building custom reports.
  • Transformative -- Kiva now has access to analytical tools that have turned their employees into true knowledge workers.
  • Additional details about success can be found in the full case study under Related Media.

Why Pentaho

  • Business user friendly
  • Flexible and scalable platform
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent reporting capability