Customer Use Case


Largest ATM network in Argentina

Business Challenges

  • The company needed to include new information sources that were not in transactional systems, such as email responses and sales agreements.
  • Banelco had inadequate control over performance. It had to do manual data verification through SQL programming which was costly and error prone.
  • The company also needed to improve data quality caused by lack of referential integrity, invalid data loads and incomplete dimensional structures.
  • The company received data processing updates through SQL scripts resulting in slow development, complex maintenance and rigid architecture.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Data Integration is a flexible solution allowing Banelco to extract, transform and load data from multiple data sources faster, easier and more cost-effectively.
  • Datalytics, Pentaho Gold Reseller Partner and professional services firm covering Latin America, implemented the solution.

Value Added

  • Increased number of data sources by a factor of five, incorporating information from agreements and commissions with third parties, debit card deliveries, cash availability, operation of ATMs and user responses to messages.
  • Integrated Pentaho Data Integration with Report Designer to generate operational reports.
  • Dramatically increased the amount of data processed daily to more than seven million records and fact tables with more than two billion records, while decreasing the time it takes to process the records from several hours to several minutes.
  • Migrated processes through Pentaho Data Integration eliminating all SQL scripting and increasing performance.

Why Pentaho

  • Mature product used and tested in multiple and recognized global clients
  • Scalable solution based in J2EE architecture
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)