Customer Use Case

"Without Pentaho we would not have expanded into insurance market as aggressively."

Robert Clark, President, 4Sight Business Intelligence Solutions

4Sight Business Intelligence Solutions

Analytics Software for the Insurance Industry

Business Challenges

  • 4SightBI’s end users ―agents, brokers, actuaries and managers ―were frustrated waiting for IT to send them reports
  • The company also had a costly in-house deployment of Business Objects platform - SAP's per-user pricing passed costs down 4SightBI's value chain, reducing its appeal

Pentaho Solution

  • C+ tools to help expand Pentaho Business Analytics on multiple mobile platforms
  • Technology platform includes Windows, Linux with MSSQL, DB2, Oracle, and others
  • Pentaho Business Analytics including data integration, data analysis and visualization

Value Added

  • Time to value for 4SightBI’s customers was cut from several weeks to 24-48 hours using Pentaho
  • Ability to shorten POCs due to Pentaho’s broad connectivity, architecture and Agile BI resulting in faster sales closings. Customers are always impressed when 4SightBI takes their data and produces actionable analytics the next day
  • Establishing leadership in the insurance industry with a mobile extension of its product, which is available for Droid, Microsoft, and iPhone platforms
  • Pentaho has helped the company penetrate new markets, such as the UK and broader EMEA
  • Grew clients by 100%. Prior to Pentaho, the company was adding one new client every two months. Today they are adding one new client monthly, on average
  • Pentaho’s pricing fits 4SightBI’s affordable pricing business model and helped the company acquire new clients coming from premium-priced Business Objects

Why Pentaho

  • A complete platform – from data integration to analysis, from one vendor
  • Cost-effective, with no per-user pricing model
  • Time to market was just 8 weeks