Customer 360-Degree View

Blend operational data sources with big data sources to create an on-demand analytical view across key customer touch points. Gain powerful insights into buyers, brand, products, and services.

Actionable Customer Insights to Boost Lifetime Value

Integrating diverse data sources is simplified with Pentaho’s broad support for both big and traditional data sources, extending the 360-degree view to external and internal customer-related data. The Pentaho platform scales as business grows, enabling routing of governed blended, time-sensitive streams of data to be distributed to customer-facing teams – in real-time. Pentaho empowers users to make more productive and profitable decisions.

Easily access, integrate, and blend previously isolated data sources:

  • All customer touch point data exists in a single repository for fast queries
  • All key metrics reside in a single location for business users
  • Rapid time to value through drag-and-drop visual development for big data integration
  • Adaptive Big Data layer insulates organizations from evolving big data technologies

Customer-facing departments, partners and customers have access to a rich set of analytic tools:

  • Intuitive and customizable dashboards
  • Sophisticated ad hoc slicing and dicing as well as rich data visualization
  • Distributed reporting capabilities for sharing information across teams
  • Data mining and predictive analytics tools for data scientists
  • Easily embeddable into operational software and applications

Example of how a customer 360-degree view may look within an IT landscape:

  • A company ingests data from various sources into a single big data store, in this case NoSQL
  • The data is processed and summarized at the customer unique ID level to build a 360-degree view
  • Accurate and governed customer data is routed to the appropriate analytics views for each role, including call center staff, research analysts, and data scientists
  • Using Pentaho, any data source is effortlessly blended with an easy-to-use visual development environment for fast, simplified, and streamlined integration

sample architecture

The Results:

  • Staff Savings and Productivity: Rapid time to value through drag and drop visual development for big data integration.
  • Operational Intelligence: Embed analytics into actionable line-of-business applications for each relevant customer-facing role.
  • Reduced Risk: Protect data flow processes from changes in big data technologies with the Adaptive Big Data Layer.
  • Instant Access to the Right Information for all Roles: Comprehensive analytics deliver easy to use ad hoc analysis, data discovery, advanced visualizations, highly formatted reports, and powerful dashboards.

The Lucky Group: Online Luxury Retailer

Transforming online retail – from buying patterns to revenue.

Big Data Goal:

  • Monetize buying patterns hidden in terabytes of data points
  • Quickly analyze multi-channel click stream data

Architecture Example:

sample architecture

Pentaho Benefits:

  • Reduced ETL time to analyze blended data from big data sources, and data warehouse
  • Use of big data analytics to grow revenue and improve customer satisfaction
  • Pentaho's scalable, cloud-ready platform helped the Lucky Group migrate all of the company's infrastructure to the cloud

Single View of Patient Blueprint

The healthcare industry continues to be under scrutiny and pressure to reduce costs while improving quality of care. While the industry is becoming more data-driven, the data landscape continues to evolve, making it more complex for healthcare organizations to drive insight and change.

With easy access to all data sources to provide a single view of the patient, healthcare organizations can:

  • Identify at-risk individuals for healthcare conditions, such as congestive heart failure or diabetes, and recommend proven treatment plans
  • Monitor patients in real time and alert care providers the moment there is a change in a patient’s condition
  • Implement provider scorecards to drive improvements and ensure consistent patient care
  • Reduce fraud and abuse with strict policies and procedures for safeguarding healthcare data

Learn more about how data is used to improve patient care in the Single View of Patient Blueprint.