Q&A With Anthony De Shazor, Senior VP of Customer Care

1. Tell us what you do at Pentaho.

I can hardly believe it but I have been at Pentaho for 12 years. During my tenure, I have taken on a number of different roles – all with the focus on customer success. So I was excited 3 years ago when I was asked to lead the Customer Care teams and the Customer Success initiative. Our goal (and frankly that of the entire company) is to make all of our customers successful from implementation to go-live and beyond. We are constantly fine tuning the process which entails tracking, measuring and evaluating our customers’ journey in reaching their desired outcomes.

2. What are some ways your team is helping customers gain value from big data?

Since our team works with customers on a daily basis from providing technical support to implementing best practices, we have become a trusted advisor on big data implementations. By spending countless hours with our customers, we have created and influenced Pentaho Business Solutions and Blueprints that many of you are familiar with – Optimize Data Warehouse, Customer 360-Degree View, Streamlined Data Refinery and our most recent one Filling the Data Lake.

While Pentaho’s Business Solutions help our customers accelerate revenue, improve operations and meet compliance regulations, our Blueprints were developed to provide reference architectures, implementation guidelines, user forums and best practices to be successful on your big data journey. Our ultimate goal is to provide the guidance, support and advice to make you productive and self-sufficient. The exciting news is that we will be launching more Business Solutions and Blueprints so visit our website to learn more. And with that we would love to capture your feedback and hear about your experiences with our Business Solutions and Blueprints by emailing our Senior Customer Product Marketing Manager, Jonathan Shafer, at jshafer@pentaho.com.

3. Share with us why the largest enterprise organizations rely on Pentaho for addressing their most strategic use cases.

I believe larger enterprises look to Pentaho because of the versatility and realizability of our platform and the full spectrum of available expertise. Customers are looking for solutions and not just technologies. Our solution approach is simply an open architecture showcased by strong product married with strong people.

We work with a number of large enterprises across the world to help them realize value from their Big Data investments. Organizations who have made large investments in Big Data technologies have faced challenges with onboarding data, processing data at scale and ensuring their data is available for real-time analytics. For example, one of our customers who has thousands of data sources initially turned to a team of outside consultants to help onboard their data into Hadoop. Before making the decision to partner with Pentaho, this customer had estimated this endeavor to be very costly – into the millions – as well as time consuming.

While they lacked any best practices or experience with Big Data, they leveraged our Blueprints and resources to get started on their journey.

There are more examples I could share but it all comes back to this question: Why choose a partner that forces a rigid architecture or does not have the expertise or flexibility to adjust to the heterogenous and fast changing environments of today?

4. What are some great resources that customers can leverage today?

We have made significant investments in resources to help customers adopt and build solutions on Pentaho. Our best practices are available on support.pentaho.com and we are always adding new resources. If there are topics you would like to see addressed, please share your suggestions and comments with us via the Customer Portal (support.pentaho.com).

Furthermore, every customer has access to our award-winning Pentaho Support. We have consultants and architects who can visit you onsite and we have trainers who can mentor and train your team. We offer an assigned solution architect to help guide you through this process. Lastly, your Customer Success Manager can help guide you to the right resources within Pentaho. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, adeshazor@pentaho.com.

5. How can customers stay in touch with you?

As the leader of our customer initiatives and the principal architect, I am always open to talking with customers. You can follow me on Twitter @adeshazor or send an e-mail to adeshazor@pentaho.com. However, if you have a product concern or issue, please enter those into the Customer Portal for a much faster response or contact your assign CSM or Solution Architect.


Jonathan Shafer

Senior Product Customer Marketing Manager