Congratulations to Cloudera on a Well Earned IPO

The long anticipated Cloudera IPO is upon us. We are excited for our longtime, trusted partner and offer congratulations to CEO Tom Reilly and the entire Cloudera team on this major accomplishment. This is both a milestone for Cloudera and a testament to the whole big data industry truly delivering the power of making data-informed decisions to drive enterprise success.

A little more than a decade ago the Hadoop market was born. What began as a framework for storing and processing massive amounts of data for a search engine project called Nutch has evolved into one of the most powerful data-mining tools available today. Formerly owned by Yahoo and now managed by the Apache Foundation, the open source distributed storage and processing system is flourishing in the enterprise—with 100% of all large enterprises expected to adopt Hadoop and related technologies for big data analytics by 2018.

Hadoop is data's darling for a reason. The big data market has matured, and organizational leaders no longer need to be convinced of the importance of an enterprise data strategy. The era of the data-driven business is upon us. 

As we venture into the next phase of Big Data, there will be no slowdown in data volumes from IoT and the application of machine learning to create differentiation. This only underlines the importance of being able to capture and access the right data at the right time to drive business value. Hadoop can be hard but the resulting data can and should become a strategic asset for the business. Those  willing to innovate, experiment, and adapt their implementations will prosper in an increasingly connected world.

Cloudera and Pentaho saw the  promise of big data early—becoming pioneers and mavericks in the space.  Now with the emergence of machine learning, both companies are prepped and ready for the next wave. Along the way, we’ve maintained a partnership that has seen the two companies through early challenges and success. We’ve been able to serve and celebrate the achievements of several joint customers, including edo, NetApp, Paytronix and Veikkaus Oy.

Pentaho was fortunate enough to have Cloudera's Co-founder/CSO, Mike Olson, keynote our PentahoWorld 2015 user conference, and see first hand his vision for how analytics and data can transform society. Today marks a new era for the big data industry, and we are proud to work and forge ahead with Cloudera as the company heads into its next growth phase.

Congratulations (again) Cloudera team!

For more information on how Pentaho and Cloudera make it easier to harness the power of Hadoop faster, visit Cloudera and Pentaho.

Donna Prlich