Discussion With Caterpillar - Award Winning Predictive Maintenance IoT Deployment

Pentaho customer, Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence is one to keep an eye on. They recently received the 2016 Ventana Research Technology Innovation Leadership Award in the Internet of Things (IoT) category. Then, best selling author and big data thought leader, Benard Marr, featured Caterpillar in his Forbes article, “IoT and Big Data at Caterpillar: How Predictive Maintenance Saves Millions of Dollars.” In the article, James Stascavage, intelligence technology manager at Caterpillar Marine shares IoT use cases and lessons learned from his success using Pentaho for predictive maintenance analytics delivering ROI, growth and efficiency to their customers. 

As an early adopter of IoT, Caterpillar Marine understood the potential of using sensors, big data and analytics to predict equipment failures and respond more quickly and efficiently through preventive maintenance. With trillions of sensors creating massive data sets that needed to be evaluated every year, Caterpillar required a big data analytics solution that could streamline their complex data integration and transformation process.

By embedding Pentaho Business Analytics into the Cat® Asset Intelligence technology, the company has been able to free up analysts’ time to focus on providing customers real-time equipment predictive intelligence and multidimensional analysis – leading to improved efficiencies, minimized downtime and dramatically reduced maintenance costs for their customer base of industrial fleet owners.

We are excited to have author Bernard Marr and James Stascavage of Caterpillar Marine join us for a webinar on February 23rd at 8:00am PST/4:00pm UTC. They’ll discuss several fascinating examples of companies (including Caterpillar) who have improved operational efficiency and overall ROI by taking advantage of big data generated from the internet of things. You’ll also get insights into the following questions:

  • How are organizations responding to this changing market environment?
  • What are the real ways IIoT transforming business to become more productive, innovative and efficient?  
  • How can you better leverage new and emerging data sources – such as sensor, geospatial and operational data – to realize these benefits?


Rebecca Shomair

Senior Director of Corporate Communications