Arik Pelkey

Senior Director of Product Marketing

March 7, 2017
Ivy Tech - Award Winning Customer Creates a Data Democracy
A BIG congratulations to Pentaho customer Ivy Tech Community College , recipient of the Best Self-Service Analytics Award by Gartner, Inc. through their 2016 Gartner Data & Analytics Excellence Awards. The awards recognize excellence in data and analytics technology to drive best-in-class initiatives. Ivy Tech Community College is Indiana’s largest...
September 12, 2016
Top 5 Ways Your IT Team can Enable Citizen Data Scientists to Work on Data Preparation – On YOUR terms
If you are in an IT role responding to data prep needs from the business, you have likely seen some variation of a citizen data scientist emerge at your company. Viewed as the most plausible answer to a shortage of Ph.D. data scientists, citizen data scientists work with data but...
August 5, 2016
It’s official: Dresner thinks Pentaho is excellent. In case you missed it, last month Dresner Advisory Services announced the results of its 2016 Industry Excellence Awards for business intelligence. Pentaho has been named a “Trust Leader for Business Intelligence” due to our Leadership Status in the annual Wisdom of Crowds®...