A bolder, brighter future for big data analytics and the Internet of Things that matter: Pentaho + HDS

Big Data and the Internet of Things are disrupting entire markets, with machine data blurring the virtual world with the physical world. This market matters —a recent Goldman Sachs report cites an astounding $2 Trillion opportunity by 2020 for IoT, with the potential to impact everything from new product opportunities, to shop floor optimization, to factory worker efficiency gains that will power top-line and bottom-line gains. The company that delivers high quality big data solutions fastest and enables customers to connect people, data and things to transform their industries and organizations will win.

That is why I am very excited to share with you that today Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) announced its intention to acquire Pentaho. Pentaho and HDS share a common vision of the impact of big data on our industry and society as a whole  This acquisition builds on the existing OEM relationship between Pentaho and HDS, forged to accelerate the HDS IoT initiative known as Social Innovation. Social Innovation enables Hitachi to deliver solutions for the Internet of Things and big data – solutions that enable healthier, safer and smarter societies, for generations to come. The Pentaho vision of the interconnectedness of data, people and things supported by a big data orchestration platform to power embedded analytics aligns perfectly. Indeed, Social Innovation is a big, bold strategy and Pentaho is a critical part of it.

HDS plans to both retain the existing business model responsible for the success of Pentaho, and use Pentaho software to develop new big data services that will go to market in FY15, accelerating delivery of HDS Social Innovation solutions. Once closed, this acquisition brings together two companies that deliver innovative and proven solutions to enterprises around the globe. Hitachi owns the infrastructure and Pentaho owns the data integration and analytics platform and know-how to harness the value in big data. Together Pentaho + HDS form a powerhouse to deliver on the promise of big data with easier, faster deployments and quicker time to value.

For customers to succeed in this new world of big data and internet of things that matter, both hardware and software must scale flexibly to keep pace with the speed, diversity and velocity of data, regardless of where it is created. No two companies know these challenges better than Pentaho and HDS. Together we are delivering a transformative future for our industry.

Game on,





Quentin Gallivan