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May 23, 2012
I’m at the MongoNYC conference in New York today, where Pentaho is a sponsor. 10gen have done a great job with this event, and they have 1,000 attendees at the event. We just announced a strategic partnership between 10gen and Pentaho . From a technical perspective the integration between MongoDB and Pentaho means: No Big Silos. Data silos are bad. Big ones are no better. Our MongoDB ETL connectors for reading and writing data mean you can integrate your MongoDB data store with the rest of your data architecture (relational databases, hosted applications, custom applications, etc). Live reporting. We can provide desktop and web-based reports directly on MongoDB data Staging. We can provide trending and historical analysis by staging snapshots of MongoDB aggregations in a column store. I’m looking forward to working with 10gen to integrate some of their new aggregation capabilities into Pentaho. James Originally posted at http://jamesdixon.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/837/
May 17, 2012
When focused on business analytic processes, where do you think you spend most of your time? The Business Analytics benchmark research by Ventana Research, uncovered that the top obstacle in the analytics process is that two-thirds of the time is spent on data-related tasks. That is a lot of time! But there is a way to overcome this obstacle and uncover the solution to be being more productive. Mark Smith highlights the new features in Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5 as the secret weapon. In his blog, Pentaho Business Analytics Brings Visual Discovery and More big Data Support , Smith points out how Pentaho 4.5 addresses one of the most significant obstacles to the analytics process stating, “ This new release helps business and IT work together. Users can massage data and perform analysis with an integrated set of products from a single vendor, which our research finds less than one in five organizations do today. If you have not taken a look at Pentaho, investigate this version, as it is a great example of business intelligence growing into business analytics. ” So if you’re spending too much time on data...
May 16, 2012
Today Big Data has made the impossible, possible. Collecting and analyzing unstructured data types such as social media data, web click streams, network and data center logs is no longer a daunting task. While Hadoop and MapReduce are the technologies behind the scenes to crunch massive volumes of data, advanced visualizations have become the art that show us the best (and worst) parts about our data. Out of all types of different visualization styles, bubble charts are unique in the sense that they allow you to show hundreds of individual values at once! They are the perfect visualization for showing data sets that have a high degree of distribution in their frequency. Let me give you a couple examples: Example # 1 - A call center looking at hourly tickets, on a week by week basis, to understand what issues cause the most service calls. Optimizing the call center performance requires analyzing average call duration as well as call wait times, for each service issue. This can be 1000s of calls every hour of every day. How you graph this? With a bubble chart that shows: X axis – days...
May 10, 2012
Did you know that 70 percent of all business data contains a location component? With this increasing amount of location-based data, geo-mapping visualizations can help you detect geographic trends, such as customer clusters or outliers. For marketers, sales executives and product managers, these types of visualizations are critical in understanding customer demographics. Determining where your best markets are concentrated or analyzing your sales performance against incoming demand, keeps you one step ahead of the competition. Pentaho’s new geographic data visualizations can help you answer fundamental questions, such as: Where are my customers located? Which countries visit my website the most? Which regional marketing campaigns are working? Are my sales territories and client clusters aligned? Which stores are carrying the most shipping costs? Where is my mobile app used the most? Powerful, isn't it? For a quick peek at Pentaho’s new geo-mapping visualization capability, watch this three minute video . What location-based data are you tracking? Let me know by leaving a comment. - Farnaz Erfan, Product Marketing, Pentaho
May 4, 2012
Busy day at Pentaho yesterday with two live webinars introducing our latest release, Pentaho 4.5. What an amazing response! We had record numbers of both participants and questions about our new visualizations like geo-mapping and heat maps, our breadth of integration with big data sources, and how to embed our analytics into third party applications. Wayne Johnson, Pentaho’s Senior Sales Engineer walked everyone through a telecommunications use case demo that showcased the power of our business analytics platform to analyze and improve provider quality and reduce costs. Once again, Pentaho demonstrates how to bring data integration and business analytics together to solve real world problems. If you happened to miss one of the two live webcasts take a look at the recording: pentaho.com/4.5-webinar . Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter using #Pentaho45. We would love to talk about how Pentaho’s modern integrated business analytics platform can improve your business performance. Donna Prlich - Director, Product and Solutions Marketing at Pentaho