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Blog: February 2012

February 29, 2012
Think about the last time you went to book travel online. Do you remember the number of searches you conducted? Options you compared? Transactions you made? You probably are not aware of the terabytes of data you have created from your search that the online travel platform you are using has to process. Like most end users you are just interested in a tool that is easy to use and produces fast results. Pentaho customer, TravelTainment is very familiar with this use case as a leading provider of software solutions for the travel industry. TravelTainment’s solutions are integrated with major international travel portals across Europe such as opodo.de, tui.de, expedia.co.uk and thomascook.fr, as well as thousands of travel agencies in more than 30 countries. With the continually booming online travel market, TravelTainment’s different clients such as tour operators and travel portals, require more insight into their data and reporting to help them plan promotions and other services. Before using Pentaho, the company had acquired a set of legacy systems that had grown around individual products with only limited reporting capabilities. As a result, reporting was inefficient and time consuming for...
February 28, 2012
We announced a strategic partnership with DataStax today. DataStax provides products and services for the popular Apache No-SQL database Cassandra. We are releasing our first round of Cassandra integration in our next major release and you can download it today (see below). Our Cassandra integration includes open source data integration steps to read from, and write to Cassandra. So you can integrate Cassandra into your data architecture using Pentaho Data Integration/Kettle and avoid creating a Big Silo – all with a nice drag/drop graphical UI. Since our tools are integrated, you can create desktop and web-based reports directly on top of Cassandra. You can also use our tools to extract and aggregate data into a datamart for interactive exploration and analysis. We are demoing these capabilities at the Strata conference in Santa Clara this week. Links Product downloads, how-to videos and documents are available at http://www.pentaho.com/cassandra and http://www.datastax.com/pentaho Attend the webinar on March 15th to learn more and about using Cassandra’s integration with Pentaho Kettle http://www.pentaho.com/datastax-webinar Download, access how-to documents and videos at http://community.pentaho.com/BigData James Dixon This post originally appeared on James Dixon's Blog
February 27, 2012
We are very excited to have a new secret weapon onboard with Eddie White joining Pentaho as Executive Vice President of Business Development. Eddie is responsible for developing strategic relationships with big data vendors and commercializing Pentaho Business Analytics for major cloud/SaaS hardware and software vendors. Eddie has more than 20 years of experience helping businesses meet and exceed their sales revenue and growth targets through, business development, strategic alliances partnerships, and acquisitions. Career highlights include: Directed global sales and business development as CRO, SVP of Global Sales and Business Development for leading Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) startup Sentilla Inc.; Led strategic business development and partnership activities for two flagship storage and infrastructure management business units with combined annual revenue of over $1bn at Computer Associates (CA) Inc., where he was VP of business and corporate development; Delivered OEM storage solutions for the client on schedule and budget as business development director at Adaptec Inc.; Managed storage business unit with P&L responsibility for a $60m p.a. at Eurologic Ltd. Graduated with a diploma in business studies and first class honors from University College in Cork, Ireland and received a...
February 8, 2012
I am very excited to share the news the Pentaho is cited as the only ‘Strong Performer’ in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Hadoop Solutions , Q1 2012 (February 2012). The best way to summarize Pentaho’s position in the market is straight from the report by James G. Kobielus, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research: “Pentaho is a strong performer with an impressive Hadoop data integration tool . Among data integration vendors that have added Hadoop functionality to their products over the past year, it has the richest functionality and the most extensive integration with open source Apache Hadoop.” We believe that the inclusion of the Pentaho Kettle data integration product in the first Forrester Wave: Enterprise Hadoop Solutions report is a strong testimonial to Pentaho’s first mover status in this space. The scores awarded to Pentaho are a testimonial to the fact that Pentaho is helping companies operationalize Big Data by addressing critical pain points associated with Hadoop Data Integration and easy analysis of Big Data. I encourage you to access the full report and see why Pentaho was named a strong performer and how we stack up against other vendors. Richard...