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October 31, 2011
The Pentaho team in Orlando always has the best costumes. The winner this year goes to Will Gorman (4th from left) for his creative costume dressing as 'Private Cloud.'
October 28, 2011
This week US Politics Today highlighted a case study about how NYC Department of Probation is using Pentaho Business Analytics to gain visibility into the lives of 35,000 convicted felons, helping them get back into their communities and building productive lives under a monitored probation program. At the heart of NYC Department of Probation’s mission to “restructuring lives" is powerful analytics, giving the department access to massive amounts of data, such as detailed information on the background of the men, women and young people being supervised, the types of crimes that they have committed and their progress. This is a vivid example on how powerful analytics is empowering public sector and government organizations to improve their performance, streamline their administration services, and ultimately help the public. Business Analytics is no longer a novelty specifically made for investors, financial analysts, and executive managers. Today business analytics serves all. Anibal Sempertegui, director of information technology, software, New York City Department of Probation explained, “Because of Pentaho’s open source business model, we can affordable to make it accessible throughout our department and use it to facilitate data integration with other city departments as...
October 26, 2011
France consistently tops the European charts when it comes to Open Source software adoption, partly due to the leadership taken in by its public sector, which has a knock-on effect in the private sector. Lately we’ve felt like the best thing since sliced bread, with our popularity on the rise and several new customers joining the fold over the past few months. We’ve attracted companies from a range of sectors, including one of the largest technology companies in the world, leading health insurers and local government organisations. One reason behind the success is surely our new French account manager, Cédric Fauvet*, but we suspect there are a few others: We’ve truly localized so our French support and presence is better than ever, delivered by native speakers who truly understand the market and customer needs. Our partners are a big part of this, providing hands-on training , workshops and Webinars (in French) to actively working with our team on customer projects. Our collaboration with them has never been better. Enterprise product differentiation and value . The added functionality and value of our enterprise offering compared to the community open source project...
October 25, 2011
On October 1st, Pentaho welcomed a new CEO and board member to our team, Quentin Gallivan. We caught up with Quentin in his new office at the Pentaho headquarters in San Francisco to get to know him a little better, his background and plans for Pentaho. Welcome Quentin! [vimeo http://vimeo.com/31002084]
October 7, 2011
If you have been dealing with business analytics related sales activities or are searching for that "right" business intelligence tool, you will find that most organizations: Use manual tasks, that include desktop query and reporting tools, to answer their business questions. Have "something" in place that they are not happy with or is costing them too much money. Have data in multiple silos that they need to access, consolidate and optimize. Hence, they are usually looking for a low cost business analytics alternative that can provide them with the answers to their business questions, as well as ease of use and functionality they are looking for within their budget. Don't believe me? Join the many business intelligence groups available in LinkedIn and Quora as well as other social networking type sites and you will see the barrage of questions from those looking for recommendations on BI and analytics tools. I was on a call the other daya with a well known organization where the "prospect" stated: "We need basic reporting with the ability to access all of our data without moving it or massaging it." "Okay? That is absolutely possible,"...
October 6, 2011
The world lost one of the greatest visionary leaders yet he will continue to be an inspiration to all of us. Our thoughts are with Steve's family, friends and everyone at Apple. We will continue to strive to be the crazy ones.
October 3, 2011
Last month we shared with you a story of how Kiva was using Pentaho to change the world through micro financing . Today, we are exciting to share how Pentaho OEM Partner, Cipal, is facilitating change at Belgium’s social welfare organizations . Cipal an IT service provider to Belgium’s public sector, has completed a successful pilot of its Pentaho-based OEM application ‘Athena BI’ with four social welfare organizations in the Flanders region. Following an exhaustive review of traditional and open source BI options, Cipal chose Pentaho Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to power Athena BI . Cipal is implementing the full Pentaho BI suite, which includes data integration, dashboards, reporting, analysis and data mining. Cipal chose Pentaho for Athena BI because it offered the widest range of fully integrated modules, the best total cost of ownership and flexible infrastructure that supported its open, Cloud-based platform. According to Sven Meermans, Business Development Manager, Business Intelligence, Cipal, “ Pentaho BI turned out to be the ideal platform for our Cloud-based Athena BI OEM application, which we have rolled out to four social welfare associations in Flanders. Pentaho BI supports all our current needs...