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Blog: February 2011

February 17, 2011
It's no secret that some of the world's most effective marketing teams are those that tie themselves directly to measurable revenue . Forecasting and quantifying the team's return on investment (ROI) allows marketers to better justify marketing spend and keeps the team's efforts closely aligned with their sales counterparts. Using forward-looking analytics, marketers can better understand their prospect's buying behavior and consequently improve their ability to forecast future revenue. Taking these best practices into consideration, our partners at Marketo built Revenue Cycle Analytics . The easy-to-use solution, powered by Pentaho , combines powerful analytics with Marketo's industry-leading marketing methodology. The resulting solution allows CMOs and their teams to easily measure performance benchmarks and forecast predictable ROI. For a firsthand account of how Marketo embedded Pentaho into their Revenue Cycle Analytics solution, be sure to catch our On-Demand Webcast, " Marketo Goes to Market Quickly with Pentaho " and read our Marketo Customer Success Story .
February 15, 2011
A huge congratulations to our partners at Ingres, who today announced that their lightening fast database VectorWise has set a new record for the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s TPC-H benchmark at scale factor 100. Not only did Vectorwise set a new standard, but it blew the previous record holder out of the water, delivering 340% of the previous record. Equally outstanding about this news is the fact that VectorWise has not only changed the game in terms of performance, but the database also comes in at a fraction of the price of its competitors. Forward-thinking innovation, high performance, and low cost... sound familiar? It should. What does this mean to Pentaho users? Pentaho and Ingres established a partnership last October, with the goal to combine enterprise-class business intelligence with the speed and performance of the fastest analytical database on the market. With over 250,000 QphH (Queries per hour) for 100 GB of data, VectorWise is the epitome of agility at the database level. This means lightening fast query response times, more iterative cycles, and at essence, even more agile business intelligence. For more See the full announcement from Ingres View...
February 9, 2011
Last week, Pentaho was a sponsor at The Strata Conference in San Francisco, California. Over the two-day conference our booth was constantly packed with attendees. As I chatted with these eager visitors, I was pleased to hear comments such as: “ My boss has asked me to look into Pentaho ,” and “ We currently have product X and we are looking into solutions that are easy to use and don’t charge an arm and a leg for it .” As I was demoing the Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition , one thing was clear … the line between business users and technical users is fading fast! Everyone wants access to data, but not everyone has it. Technical users, the ETL and BI developers, spend all their time on working with data, integrating, cleansing, standardizing, and analyzing it, but the business users need their data in a different way. Data gives these business users power. The days of traditional BI when IT was building standard reports and pushing it out to business users are over. Canned reports are too slow to arrive, too limited on the information they provide, and...
February 8, 2011
We are in full gear yet again throughout the month of February. We’ll open the month with a turnkey webcast, Better Decisions: The Top Dos and Don’ts of Agile BI, featuring Claudia Imhoff. You will learn how to take full advantage of the Agile BI methodology to make faster, more informed decisions using your data. From there we will kick off user groups , workshops , and training classes everywhere from Germany to Argentina. Come on out and meet us, or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter . We look forward to seeing you out there! Webcasts Feb 9 – Better Decisions: The Top Dos and Don’ts of Agile BI Feb 10 – Business Intelligence and Analytics for the Responsive Enterprise Live Events Feb 17 – Pentaho London User Group – London, UK Feb 24 – Workshop – Open Source Business Intelligence – Karlsruhe, Germany Training Feb 15 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – San Francisco, CA Feb 21 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Paris, France Feb 22 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Mainz, Germany Feb 28 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Frankfurt, Germany Feb 28 – Pentaho Data Integration ofr Database Developers – Buenos Aires, Argentina
February 8, 2011
Last week I attended the O’Reilly’s Strata Conference , in Santa Clara, California where Pentaho was an exhibitor. I gave a 5-minute lightning talk during the preceding Big Data Camp “un-conference” on the topic, The importance of the hybrid data model for Hadoop driven analytics , focusing on the importance of combining big data analytic results with the data elements already in firm’s existing systems to give business units the answers to questions that were previously not possible or economic to answer (something that of course Pentaho now makes possible ). I also sat down for an interview with Mac Slocum, Online Managing Editor at O’Reilly, you can see the video below where we discuss what kinds of businesses can benefit from big data technologies such as Hadoop, and what is the tipping point for adopting big data technologies. The high quality of attendees and activity at this sell-out conference I think further confirms that although development work on solutions for big data has been happening for a few years, this area is undergoing a quantum leap in adoption at businesses both large and small. Simply put this technology allows...
February 7, 2011
Company Announcements Pentaho started the year off strong announcing 2010 as the most successful year in company history . We closed 2010 with 120% bookings growth year over year, over 400 new customers, and five major product releases. January also brought a big addition to our executive team with Rod Squires joining Pentaho as the Worldwide Executive Vice President of Sales. Rod is a seasoned sales veteran with expertise for building and scaling highly successful software companies. Another exciting addition to the team was Ian Fyfe as the Chief Technology Evangelist focused on driving higher adoption of Pentaho's BI technologies, ensuring that Pentaho's customer base and community needs are met and exceeded. Given Ian’s background and leadership, he will also play an influential role in Pentaho’s product strategy and roadmap development. You can read more about why he joined Pentaho in the blog, “ Former Jaspersoft exec joins Pentaho .” To learn more about the Pentaho Management and Technical Leads visit http://www.pentaho.com/team/ . Global Partner Summit Pentaho held the 2011 Global Partner Summit on January 19-20 in San Francisco, California. The event was a great success. Pentaho partners from nearly...