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April 27, 2010
The term ‘Agile BI’ is being used a lot these days. We launched our Agile BI Initiative back in Nov 2009 with Pentaho Analyzer being the first tech realization of the initiative. Last month we released Pentaho Data Integration 4.0 as the second major deliverable, forever improving the way BI Apps are developed and deployed. Forrester just published a report, ‘ Agile BI Out of the Box ’ explaining their Agile BI Methodology. We are interested to learn from our community, “When thinking about business intelligence, what does ‘Agile’ means to you?” By answering this one question , five finalists will be selected to win The Flip Ultra™ camcorder. The community will then have the chance to vote for their favorite answer. The winner of the community vote will win an iPad. Deadline to enter is Friday, April 30th. The creative entries – videos, cartoons, songs, scribbling on the back of cocktail napkins, etc. are the ones that will garner the most attention from the judges, so don’t hold back.
April 23, 2010
Tim Tebow was selected in First Round of NFL Draft! Why is this great? And why am I blogging about this? He is a University of Florida/Gator Graduate – and so am I He helped us win 2 NCAA National Championships in Football He won 1 Heisman and was nominated for two more Biggest reasons why this is great: He was ridiculed by all of the NFL scouts as not being a “NFL product” All of the major NFL “Analyst” predicted he would be picked in the 3rd round All of the major NFL “Analyst” said “he didn’t have it” It sounds just like what Pentaho went thru in 2007-2009 with analysts, mega-vendor competitors, pundits, etc. – “we wouldn’t be anything” , “we couldn’t stand up to the big guys”, “we wouldn’t be around in a few years”, etc. Well, what are the analysts’ saying now? – “OSBI is Here to Stay”, “OSBI will Grow by 500% by 2012”, “OSBI is a 80% Better TCO”, “Pentaho Leads The Way in OSBI”, etc. What are the mega-vendors doing now? Giving away free reporting in a desperate attempt to compete with us,...
April 21, 2010
More good news from today is the announcement that Tom Leonard has joined our team as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Business Development. Tom is responsible for formalizing strategic relationships with target accounts across all of Pentaho’s channels inclusive of Global 1000 customers, OEM/ISV’s, system integrators, and technology alliance partners. With over 25 years of technology sales and executive experience Tom has a lot of insight into the industry. I’ve asked for him to be the first of many guest bloggers on the Business Intelligence from the Swamp blog. My question to Tom is, “What brought you to Pentaho?” Welcome Tom! Guest blogger: Tom Leonard So I wanted to take the opportunity to share my thoughts concerning why I joined the Pentaho team. During my career, I have been fortunate to be part of two venture backed company successes – Bluestone Software and JBoss. For both, I was an early member of the team and witnessed the remarkable journey of each company scale from a small bookings / revenue position to recognition as high-growth, technology / market-share leaders. Through these experiences (and via some not so successful ventures), I have...
April 21, 2010
As Capt Morgan used to say “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”. Pentaho is going full speed as evidenced by the press release we issued this morning giving the community insight into the past quarter and the great momentum happening at Pentaho. Here are just a few highlights from the release: Compared to Q1 2009, Pentaho had a 177 percent increase in new Enterprise Edition customers* including: - Auto-Wares - Ericsson - Experian - NTT - Postbank P.O.S.Transact GmbH - Toyota Kreditbank GmbH 229 percent growth in total bookings from Q1 2009 to Q1 2010. Finished Q1 2010 with the most successful quarter in company history for the second quarter in a row. Record number of new OEM partners including MICROS Systems, Inc. Best launch in company history introduction of the revolutionary Pentaho Data Integration 4.0. I encourage you to read the full press release here, ‘ Pentaho Soars with Second Straight Record Quarter ' Get seated, strap yourself in, and enjoy the ride. Richard *This figure represents customers that have purchased an annual subscription to Pentaho Enterprise Edition products, not simply product downloads or the purchase of documentation, training or per-incident support.
April 19, 2010
Orlando is my home, but I always enjoy my trips to the Bay Area. For the past two weeks, I have been non-stop in San Francisco with our board meeting, partner and customer meetings, multiple conferences and meetings with our growing west coast team. With so much going on, I wanted to share with you quick recap. Home base for the trip was the Pentaho office located in the Financial District near the Ferry Building. It was great being able to spend time with our rapidly growing sales team led by the SVP of WW Sales, Lars Nordwall . They mixed the trip with a lot of business with back-to-back customer and partner meetings and a little pleasure with a happy hour one of the nights. Below are some photos with a few members of the team: Left to Right: John Simon, Director of North America Direct Sales Team, Brian McKibben (Sales Exec), Jay Revels (Sales Exec) and newest member is Matt Stone (Sales Exec) Rebecca Goldstein (Corporate Communications), Jay Revels (Sales Exec) and Tonya Harris (Sales Administrator & Office Manager, North America & excellent photographer) Last week Pentaho had...