Single View of Patient

The Single View of Patient Blueprint is more than just consolidating patient data into one place; it’s about using data to improve patient care and to increase patient and physician satisfaction.

Single Patient View Big Data Blueprint

Right Patient, Right Information, Right Time, Right Place

The healthcare industry continues to be under scrutiny and pressure to reduce costs while improving quality of care. While the industry is becoming more data-driven, the data landscape continues to evolve, making it more complex for healthcare organizations to drive insight and change.

Unstructured data accounts for 80% of the information that healthcare organizations rely on and that data is growing exponentially. Getting access to this unstructured data - ranging from data generated by medical devices, physician notes, lab results, and imaging reports to clinical data, genomics data, and sentiment data is invaluable for determining the right treatment plans for improving patient care, and driving innovation.

With easy access to all data sources to provide a single view of the patient, healthcare organizations can:

  • Identify at-risk individuals for healthcare conditions, such as congestive heart failure or diabetes, and recommend proven treatment plans
  • Monitor patients in real time and alert care providers the moment there is a change in a patient’s condition
  • Implement provider scorecards to drive improvements and ensure consistent patient care
  • Reduce fraud and abuse with strict policies and procedures for safeguarding healthcare data


  • Healthcare organizations are consuming data from different sources such as EMR/EHR data, imaging data, genomics data, customer survey data, financial data, demographic data and more – on a regular basis
  • Data can be ingested into an enterprise data warehouse (EDW), a big data store such as Hadoop or NoSQL, or both
  • The data is processed and summarized at the customer’s unique ID level to build a 360-degree view
  • Accurate and governed customer data is routed to the appropriate analytics views for each role, including medical staff, scientists and researchers and healthcare administrators
  • As an additional option, critical data points can be embedded into existing internal applications, so key stakeholders are able to access analytics within existing and familiar processes, driving more efficient data-driven decisions

Healthcare Big Data Architecture

Remedy Partners: Healthcare Services and Technology Company

Empowering patients, providers, and payers with actionable intelligence.


  • Deliver a scalable reporting solution to grow Remedy Partner's Episode Connect, the only enterprise software that functions as a complete operating system for managing value-based payment programs
  • Provide accurate and real-time data accessibility of patient information to over 2,200 healthcare facilities across the United States


  • Remedy Partners needed a scalable way to visualize and blend disparate data across MongoDB, MySQL, and CSV (Medicare FTP monthly and quarterly claims files)
  • Remedy needed to ensure it could handle increasingly larger volumes of health plan data


  • Remedy Partners integrated with over 900 healthcare provider systems, such as hospital systems and EMRs, in order to collect operational patient episode data like admissions and discharges
  • Remedy Partners is able to identify nearly 300,000 patients each year for bundled payment programs, while driving savings of over $250,000 per day for health care providers