IoT Analytics

Increasing volumes, variety, and velocity of data coming from sensors, machines, and other connected devices bring significant data integration challenges. Pentaho helps organizations easily prepare and blend machine and sensor data with other assets – such as data from your ERP or CRM systems – to provide the necessary context to deliver transformative business outcomes.

Additional IoT Blueprints:

Improve Operational Efficiency and ROI with IoT Analytics

Organizations that manufacture, transport, and sell goods and services have vast operational processes to manage. The large variety of machinery across value chains results in high operational costs. Inefficiencies such as production delays, inclement weather that slows deliveries, and unexpected machine failures can lead to millions in lost revenue and increase the cost of doing business. Pentaho provides a comprehensive IoT platform to increase useful life of assetsminimize unscheduled downtime, and enable a number of IoT use cases.

With Pentaho’s unified data integration and analytics platform, organizations can use IoT analytics to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Improve product/service quality 
  • Increase profitability 

IoT Analytics With Pentaho

Pentaho empowers organizations to:

  • Uncover patterns in equipment and device data with powerful machine learning and data mining tools
  • Apply insights to fine-tune equipment for better operational efficiency
  • Ingest and process machine and sensor data in big data architectures
  • Prepare, model, and explore semistructured and unstructured data sets
  • Connect natively to Hadoop distributions, NoSQL stores, and analytic databases
  • Blend sensor and machine data with traditional data stores
  • Operationalize R, Python, or Weka models and machine learning functions as a part of the data integration workflow 

Example of an IoT Analytics Architecture:

IoT Analytics

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The ROI of IoT Analytics

Customer savings can range from several hundred thousand dollars to millions of dollars. The Pentaho platform offers a number of capabilities to help you maximize ROI. 

  • Metadata Injection allows you to automate data ingestion and onboarding from many sources. Users can cleanse and blend to create analytic-ready data models. Metadata injection speeds up development, testing, and deployment time by 10x.
  • Streamlined Data Refinery allows organizations to easily create custom data sets through automation. Implementing a Streamlined Data Refinery speeds time to insight by significantly reducing time to visualizing and and reporting.
  • Machine Learning Orchestration makes data science teams more productive in the areas of preparing data, engineering new features, deploying new predictive models, and updating models with new environmental data.
  • Embedding Analytics allows insights to be delivered at the point of business impact directly into IoT applications and services.

How Companies Are Using IoT Analytics

Emerging use cases continue to drive business value by blending machine and sensor data with other corporate data assets. These include:  

  • Predictive and preventive maintenance uses predictive algorithms to determine operational challenges before they happen. With this insight, organizations can intervene and replace parts and entire machines before they fail and identify product quality problems ahead of time.
  • Telematic and fleet management analytics helps businesses analyze and optimize fleet activities, including vehicles, trains, airplanes, and ships. The ability to quickly adjust time and delivery of goods can be adjusted quickly due to unplanned events like inclement weather or new import/export regulations.
  • Customer experience enables firms to identify existing and new categories of products and services to bring to market, reduce churn and acquire new customers.

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