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Pentaho Labs works with emerging technologies and the community to discover the latest innovative approaches
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Meet the Expert

Ken Wood
VP of Pentaho Labs

“The open source foundation of Pentaho and efforts taking place in Pentaho Labs allows us to quickly innovate with emerging technologies, so that we may remain autonomous and provide flexibility to the big data community."

Twitter: @KenWoodOnTech

As VP of Pentaho Labs, Ken Wood is dedicated to leading the organization to the next level of big data analytics innovation. His expertise comes from working with Hitachi’s advance technologies when he served as CTO of the Technical Incubation Group at Hitachi Data Systems.

Ken Wood



Docker is an open platform for developers and system administrators to build, ship, and run distributed applications. Docker makes apps easier to deploy with several instances on one OS and makes it easy for developers to quickly create ready-to-run containered applications.

How Docker can be leveraged with Pentaho:

  • Simplify and scale production deployments of Pentaho Servers
  • Provision dynamic ETL clusters
  • Run secure ETL containers
  • As a tool to share complex environments

Pentaho’s Docker utilities are currently available in GitHub.