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Google Analytics and Customer Support Data

Create a Real-Time Data Service for Deeper Customer Insight

Learn to blend website analytics with customer support data to:

  • Create a data service to analyze customer data on-the-fly
  • Access up to date blended data to understand and predict customer needs
  • Build a direct streaming link of data warehouse data with cloud-based data stores

The real value of big data is not the data in and of itself, but in the blending of that data with all of your mission-critical data.

Why blend at the source?

Other solutions talk about blending data – but it’s not apples to apples. Blending done by end users or analysts away from the source without access to the underlying semantics often delivers inaccurate and incorrect results. Pentaho blends at the source.

Get accurate, real-time information and determine the best action to take for your critical business decisions.

  • Connect, combine and transform data from any source
  • Query data directly from any transformation
  • Access and gain immediate insight into architected blends with Pentaho’s full spectrum of analytics
  • Manage governance and security of data for on-going accuracy

Learn more about Pentaho’s approach to big data blending

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