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For Financial Services Industry Success

Leading financial services organizations continually explore new ways to extract value from their data in support of cost reduction initiatives, to manage risk and regulatory compliance and to enhance customer insights. The ability to incorporate new data sources and technologies into existing workflows is vital. Pentaho can help.

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Reduce Costs

By streamlining analytic processes and eliminating manual steps and complexity, organizations can automate data ingestion, eliminate redundant skilled resources, alleviate time constraints and impact markets sooner.

Who is doing it and what are the benefits? 

  • A UK-based investment bank used model driven data ingestion to load new data sources into their Hadoop environment in just a few weeks. After initial ingestion, the capability was automated on an ongoing basis.
  • ABN AMRO Clearing is empowering their clients with self-service analytics for a real-time view into their holdings to make better trading decisions and to optimize capital utilization.
  • Another European financial services client and early adopter of Hadoop reduced the loading time of 6,000 data sources from weeks to days.


By delivering data as a service and automating reporting, organizations can respond to regulatory demands, provide accurate reporting on risk exposure, and automate the compliance process.

Who is doing it and what are the benefits?

  • Kingland cut their data integration and analytics implementation time in half to better understand their relationships with their clients and subsidiaries, mitigate risk, and comply with regulations.
  • A large US-based financial services organization can access diverse data and process it up to 15x faster, determining liquidity ratios earlier in the day, driving a better asset allocation strategy, and complying with Basel III reforms.
  • A financial software and services provider, rolled out self-service regulatory reports to its customers.
  • Working with banks to move IRR, IFRS9, RWA and cash flow calculations to low cost compute platforms like Hadoop and the cloud to reduce runtimes from hours to minutes and create a consistent view of financial data points – removing manual steps and processes to improve data accuracy and reduce cost.


By blending customer data with external data and deploying predictive algorithms, organizations can drive down acquisition costs with personalized recommendations, prevent churn and address Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. A 360 degree view drives down acquisition costs, prevents switching, and increases lifetime value. Organizations can deliver contextually relevant experiences, personalized recommendations, and targeted offers by correlating behavior, transaction, and location data.

Who is doing it and what are the benefits?

  • Nasdaq blended 15M trades with 1B messages to understand customer behavior and formulate monthly pricing models.
  • Through improved data integration, Edo Interactive enhanced their ability to reach targeted SLAs, and reduced processing times by at least 70%. With condensed technical barriers, Edo armed its users with enhanced reporting capabilities, improving customer acquisition and retention.
  • Pentaho is a perfect platform for Robo Advisory initiatives.