Pentaho offers the first end-to-end analytic solution for MongoDB. From data ingestion to pixel perfect reporting and ad hoc analysis, the solution meets today’s growing demand for a 360-degree business and customer view.

Unleash the Value of Data for Business and IT

With Pentaho, MongoDB data can be accessed, blended, visualized and reported with any other data source for increased insight and operational analytics.

Accelerate Data Access, Maximize Productivity

  • With no impact on throughput, this native integration leverages unique MongoDB features and capabilities such as the Aggregation Framework, Replication and Tag Sets.
  • Reporting on data stored in MongoDB is simplified and increases both developer and end user productivity with Pentaho’s drag and drop interface, automatic document sampling, and schema generation.

Pentaho Analytics for MongoDB Architecture

Easily Access, Consolidate and Transform Data

With native integration, Pentaho simplifies the process of accessing, consolidating and transforming data stored in MongoDB.  

Visual Design for ETL, Scheduling, Events and Orchestration

  • Blend and integrate multiple MongoDB collections with other internal and external data sources, including enterprise data.
  • Design, develop and deploy MongoDB analytic solutions faster using Pentaho’s visual analytics environment.
  • Leverage an extensive library of graphical data orchestration and transformation steps to simplify the analytic process.

Pentaho and MongoDB Architecure

Native Analytics with the Power of MongoDB

Pentaho allows you to analyze and report directly on MongoDB providing a full spectrum of analytics from dashboards, visualizations and data discovery.

Make Decisions Faster, Using Fewer Specialized Skills

  • Data collections analyzed directly ‘at the source,’ eliminating hand-coding and preparing data in a staging area
  • Pixel perfect reports directly against data stored in MongoDB
  • Rich visualizations and interactive web-based interfaces for ad hoc reporting, charting and dashboards
  • Flexible data exploration for views of data across dimensions such as time, product and geography and across measures such as revenue and quantity
  • Out-of-the-box library of dynamic visualizations, including geo-mapping, heat grids, and bubble charts

                      Responsive Dashboards

Blend, Enrich and Analyze Disparate Data

Creating a single, 360° analytical view of a customer, employee or financial investment can have a big impact on business.  However, blending data from proprietary and open, unstructured data sources is a challenge.  

Pentaho helps accelerate MongoDB development efforts making it easy to enrich and blend data from disparate sources into a single view.  Read how we helped health insurance provider MultiPlan:

Business Challenge 

  • Optimize data warehouse to ETL growing volumes of semi and unstructured customer data on usage of MultiPlan health insurance information portal
  • Address need to lower data management overhead and improve operational efficiency

Pentaho Benefits

  • Directly analyze data in MongoDB to build more accurate models and better understand customer's buying needs and beahvior
  • Improve cross departmental reporting to erich breadth of value in embedded, customer facing dashboards.

Read the entire case study.