Pentaho and Analytic Databases

Pentaho Business Analytics empowers users to easily prepare, model, visualize, explore and make predictions from data sets stored in high performance analytic databases. Pentaho simplifies the end-to-end data analytics process by providing a complete platform from data to analytics.

Visual Development for Data Prep and Modeling

Pentaho’s visual development tools drastically reduce the time to design, develop and deploy analytics compared to traditional approaches. The visual interfaces allow users to work with analytic databases using extract-transform-load (ETL) and meta data modeling approaches, instead of hand coding scripts. 

Pentaho simplifies the process by allowing users to dynamically alter schemas and adapt load jobs to easily integrate data from multiple sources without the need for manual scripting and programming. 

Broad Support for Analytic Database Platforms

Pentaho's unparalleled native support for analytic databases includes:

Rich Visualization and Interactive Data Discovery

A tightly coupled data integration and business analytics platform enables IT and business users to easily access, integrate, visualize and explore large data volumes stored in high performance analytic databases through:

  • Rich visualization – Interactive web-based interfaces for ad hoc reporting, charting and dashboards
  • Flexible exploration – Views of data across dimensions such as time, product, and geography and across measures such as revenue and quantity
  • Predictive analysis – Powerful data mining and predictive analytics capabilities using advanced statistical and data mining algorithms 

Orchestration Across Multiple Jobs and Sources

Pentaho provides detailed graphical job steps for orchestrating jobs in analytic databases and in other large data stores. These include conditional checking steps, event waiting steps, execution steps and notification steps. Together these steps enable easy visual assembly of powerful job flow logic across multiple jobs and data sources.

High Performance Modern Engine

Pentaho Data Integration is a modern data flow engine designed for high performance computing environments. The engine scales out to distribute processing across server clusters to fully leverage 64-bit multi-core CPUs.

Point-and-Click Configuration for Bulk Loaders

Pentaho provides native support for many of the leading analytic database bulk loader utilities, which are command-line utilities for parallel loading of large data sets. Pentaho also provides a visual point-and-click configuration interface for incorporating bulk loaders.

Push-Down, In-Database Processing

Pentaho gives the option to push down transformation operations into the analytic database engine itself, instead of performing transformation operations within the ETL engine. This enables organizations to fully leverage their investment in analytic databases, or alternatively leverage investments in high performance ETL servers.

Fast Query Execution with Native SQL Dialects

Pentaho goes beyond ANSI-standard SQL to enable use of database-specific query features that often results in faster query execution leading to significant performance benefits for end users. Databases with native SQL dialect include Informix, Ingres, Interbase, LucidDB, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, Sybase and Teradata.