The Pentaho Mission

A business analytics platform that fuels innovation and growth

It is our mission to not only provide our customers with a business analytics platform that fuels growth and innovation, but also one that is fast to deploy, easy to use and extremely cost-effective.  

Unified Data Integration and Business Analytics To Save Time and Money

By tightly coupling data integration with business analytics, Pentaho brings together IT and business users to access, integrate, blend, visualize and analyze all data that impacts business results.  Our open source heritage drives continued innovation in a modern, unified, embeddable analytics platform that is purpose-built to save time and money.

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What is Pentaho's Mission?

"Pentaho’s mission is to help our customers get fast insight and value from their data. Whether their data is sitting in a relational database, sitting in the cloud or sitting in a big data store or a mass shipment combination of all the above. But how we do that and what makes us unique in the marketplace is that we’re an analytical platform that provides data integration with a whole range of analytical tools: from reporting, to ad hoc discovery, to predictive analytics."

How is Pentaho Different?

"Pentaho is an integrated platform. Most business analytics vendors do some range of reporting and analytics; we actually combine the data integration process with the analytical toolset, saving our customers time, money and getting faster time to value."

How does Pentaho help our OEM Partners?

"OEMs are very important partners and customers for Pentaho. The value proposition that we focus on for OEMs, is to help them make money. And the how we help them make money is to help them enhance their services, where they can provide better reporting and analytics to their end user customers. The how we do that is we’re a very modern platform that’s very easy to embed into their core application."

What is Pentaho's Value to Big Data?

"Our value for big data is we solved two acute pain points today that customers are facing and trying to get insight and value form big data. One is how do you get unstructured data into a big data store whether that is Hadoop, NoSQL or an analytical platform? We do that with our data integration capabilities. Then we solve the problem of how to actually get data insight and value from the data. We do that with our integrated analytical toolset."

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  • 9.13
    Pentaho introduces
    Pentaho Business
    Analytics 5.0
  • 11.12
    Pentaho introduces
    Instaview for instant,
    interactive big data
    access and analytics
  • 04.12
    Pentaho introduces
    new interactive
    visualization and
    expanded big data
    analytics in v 4.5
  • 01.12
    Pentaho open
    sources big data
    capabilities under
    Apache license to
    further fuel widespread
  • 06.11
    Pentaho delivers
    Pentaho Business
    Analytics 4.0:
    Power to the User
  • 11.09
    Pentaho releases
    Analyzer for
    Agile BI
  • 4.06
  • 2004
  • 04.13
    Pentaho acquires
    Webdetails for
    UI and custom
  • 10.12
    Pentaho secures
    $23M C Round
  • 03.12
    Pentaho announces
    embedded analytics
    8 week program
  • 10.11
    Pentaho Appoints
    Quentin Gallivan
  • 10.10
    Pentaho delivers
    first complete data
    integration + business
    intelligence suite for
    Apache Hadoop
  • 10.07
    Pentaho expands
    to Europe
  • 06.05
    open source
    BI platform