Streamlined Data Refinery

Blend, enrich and refine any data source into secure, analytic data sets, on demand with a Streamlined Data Refinery. Using Hadoop as a big data processing hub, Pentaho Data Integration processes and refines specific data sets. With a single click, data sets are automatically modeled, published and delivered to users for immediate visual analytics.

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Streamline data refinery

Deliver Governed, Analytic Data Sets
On Demand

With Pentaho’s data integration and analytics platform, Hadoop becomes a high performance, multi-source business information hub where you can stream data, blend it and then automatically publish refined data sets into one of the popular analytic databases (such as Vertica). For the end-user, a rich set of data discovery, reports, dashboards and visualizations are immediately available for high performance analytics.

Analytics ready blended data sets at scale

  • Flexible data integration allows data to be transformed in real-time, shaving days/weeks off the development cycle
  • 15X faster than hand coding, Pentaho’s drag and drop interface for MapReduce allows data to be moved and processed between Hadoop and ANY data source or system
  • Comprehensive, scalable data integration accommodates and grows with existing technology infrastructures
  • Powerful, self-service analytics and visualization for all the broadest set of users - business users, analysts, and data scientists

Example of how this may look within an IT landscape:

  • This electronic marketing firm has created a refinery architecture for delivering personalized offers
  • Online campaign, enrollment, and transaction data is ingested into Hadoop, processed via Pentaho Data Integration, automatically modeled and delivered to an analytic database
  • User driven execution of analytic data sets on demand
  • A business analytics front-end includes reporting and ad hoc analysis for business users

Streamlined Data Refinery Architecture

The Results:

  • Business users have immediate insight into ALL data
  • IT can scale ETL and data management ensuring cost savings
  • Engineer new data sets on-the-fly for prediction and trends

Paytronix, Maximizing Loyalty Programs

Improving top and bottom line for restaurant loyalty programs.

Big Data Goal:

  • Data driven insight into patron preferences
  • 80% reduction in processing time for faster insights

Architecture Example:

Pentaho Benefits:

  • Analyze restaurant patron purchases to improve loyalty
  • Gain insight into patron buying patterns from over 8,000 restaurants

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