Streamlining your MongoDB Application Migration with Pentaho

Four-part Video Series

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Part I: Bridging the Relational & Document Database Divide

Learn database development techniques and programming concepts in order to leverage the skills and knowledge of existing IT developers when deploying MongoDB.

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Part II, III, and IV Coming Soon!

Part II: Cruising the Highway to Production

Learn why it's necessary to automate and track the migration process as well as continually assess performance and reliability during system acceptance testing. Register for a notification when available.

Part III: The Fast Lane to End-User Reporting

Learn why going live on a new MongoDB application without operational reports is an unnecessary sacrifice for your end-users. Register for a notification when available.

Part IV: Sharing the Road with Others

Learn methodology to plan ahead for how others will use the data in your new application, including the needs of groups that require your data for traditional data marts and data warehouses. Register for a notification when available.